Professional Cardboard VR BOX 2 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses


It’s very small and light, portable to use.
The 3D virtual reality glasses has been specially designed to clearly amplify the picture of your mobile phone and give you a wonderful 3D experience.
Perfectly compatible with more than 90% of the mainstream mobile phone, and other mobile phones.
Limit the shielding of harmful blue light, reduce eye injuries suffered more than 90%.
Radiation protective, blocking more than 90% of mobile phone radiation to protect our eyes.
Lens thickening, the use of optical-grade material to increase the anti-friction lens.

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Model: VR BOX 2
3D glasses type: Polarized
Compatible device: smartphones
Viewing experience: Immersive
Type: binocular
FOV: 70 degree
Adjustable range: 65-75mm
Interpupillary distance: 58-72mm

Focal length: 70-75mm
Color: White & black
Size: 200*140*115mm

Package includes:
1* Virtual Reality 3D Glasses
1* High-grade lens cloth